Saturday, December 17, 2011

Should I Scowl?

This actually does feel like an appropriate moment to break out a meanface.

I'm in a coffee shop -- and I don't expect the coffee shop to be a library; I expect it to be a place of human interaction, of conversation, of debate and laughter -- but the guy on the cell phone is too much.

Nor am I opposed to cell phones. I think we should all have them and use them when necessary and other times. But I also think we should use our inside voices. Why do folks suddenly think they have to yell when they break out Verizon? Or, if you do have to yell, go outside, right? Seems like there was more than one reason that we used to have phone booths. In part, sure, it was so other folks didn't eavesdrop on our conversation. But the other part was so that other folks didn't have to listen to our inane chatter about whether or not we might or might not, maybe, I don't know drive up to Columbus tomorrow or just stay home and do some work around the house, because we haven't decided whether or not we need something up in Columbus, did I mention Columbus, well, I might or might not . . .

Just go to Columbus -- it's an hour away. Shorter, quieter discussions have gotten people across The Atlantic Ocean.

So I would feel justified in baring my teeth and shaking my head with suggestive disapproval, but I realize that sort of behavior takes a kind of focused energy that I'd rather put into a different project right now.

Still, I wonder if maybe denying myself a quick scowl is somehow equivalent to approving of Loudy's behavior? I end up giving myself meanface instead, mad at myself, I scowl inward.

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