Saturday, December 17, 2011

Well, I Guess That'll Teach Me

Same coffee shop: I've received five phone calls since I've been here, and each time, I've walked to a spot where my voice wouldn't disturb other patrons.

Meanwhile, Loudy-in-the-corner has not received any calls. . . .

until just this moment when his very loud ringer started ringing . . . oh crap.

But my man carried his phone to my nondisturbing spot in another part of the coffee shop and took the call.

Success? Yes, in a huge sense. Then why do I still wish I had given him a dirty look earlier?

I guess I'll have to keep thinking about that.


  1. Dirty looks are ignored at best, backfire at worst. Save your face muscles.

  2. Sorry I missed your post, Garnet. Truth be told, I want to ignore them, and I'm working towards that. And I want to not give them, and I'm working towards that. But damn if culture hasn't told me it's my obligation to dole them out and dwell on them.

    Thanks for the comment!